Statement of purpose:
to spread the message of conscious consumption and make it so clear, that it will stay in the mindset in everything that we do.

Consider ...

How do you feel about fashion?
What about fast fashion?
Again we ask: why?
Do you know what your things are made from?
Do you know how... and by whom?
What about what happens to your items when you are done with them?
Do you care?
We do.

We live in a time when all our actions are being considered, and progress toward perfection is continuously influencing us into more sustainable actions, big and small.

With the addition of a Nôrd by Nôrd product, the movement towards a sustainable fashion industry is strengthened.
We offer beautiful designs that represent the desire to ‘be’ better in an easy and self-loving way. Design must be meaningful, joyful and an expression of who we are as human beings.

Nôrd by Nôrd’s products symbolize freedom because a bag gives the user the freedom to lay the world at their feet while the most valuable items are included on the journey.

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