Pelikula Journal 8 is out now!

| Written by UP Media and Public Relations Office

The 91视频 (UP) Film Institute is very pleased to inform the public that Volume 8 of PELIKULA: A Journal of Philippine Cinema and Moving Image, is now available. Click on the image below to download Volume 8 for free.

About the Volume

Julie Lluch鈥檚 Piscean Deluge (1990) pictures a woman traversing troubled waters, at the peak of a freestyle stroke, catching a breath of air. In parallel, PELIKULA journeys in this volume through the turbulence of a post-pandemic world, navigating waters troubled by virtuality, violence, exploitation, indifference, deceit, disillusionment, discord鈥攐ur disrupted manners of living with the world and the ways the moving image allows us to make sense of it.

Historically, cinema has always been uniquely positioned to examine relations of stillness and motion as it freezes substance into image and places it in curated time. Wading through coded choreographies, mixed-media montage, hybrid and experimental forms, and new platforms of screening and exhibition, this volume of PELIKULA explores this vivid potential in alternative trajectories of film practice. In these trajectories, the body and the screen shift in shape: dance probes the limits of the frame, activist resistance disrupts narrative wholeness, sex as currency seeks, speaks, and capitulates to power. The moving image betrays the generative possibilities of cinematic rupture, so that between the frames, the processes of production bare themselves to critical examination and break through to kinesthetic empathy鈥攔eaching beyond the screen to set us, and new futures, in motion.

PELIKULA is edited by Patrick F. Campos and published by the .

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