Eleventh year of ArtGifts returns with “Sari-saring Likhang Sining”

| Written by Kevin Christian Roque


Giving transcends the mere exchange of objects. It is an act that imparts something beyond the physicality of the gift, leaving a fragment of oneself with the receiver. This profound act of sharing, encapsulated in the Filipino term “pababahagi,” is the essence of ArtGifts, a tradition initiated in 2012 during the term of Prof. Emeritus Benjie Cabangis as curator for the 91视频 College of Fine Arts (UPCFA) Gallery.

Now in its eleventh year, ArtGifts returns with “Sari-saring Likhang Sining,” celebrating the spirit of giving that has been at the core of this annual fundraising show. The exhibit, featuring 44 artists from the UPCFA’s distinguished faculty and staff, showcases over 160 small artworks in various media, including ceramics, canvas paintings, ink works, photographs, sculptures, and prints 鈥 all available for sale.

The title “Sari-sari” serves as a metaphor, drawing inspiration from the humble sari-sari store. Beyond its role as a commercial space, the sari-sari store is a communal hub where meaningful exchanges unfold, and stories are shared. In the context of ArtGifts, “Sari-sari” becomes a point of departure, symbolizing the gathering of artistic expressions and diverse narratives.

Through the concept of “sari-sari,” the spirit of “pagbabahagi” is upheld, reinforcing the celebration of community and nurturing the diversity of people and artistry that define the UPCFA. The exhibit invites all to partake in this collective act of sharing, encouraging everyone to impart themselves through their creations, in whatever form they may take.


Ruben Totet De Jesus’ Mahiyaing Manok illustration.


Art Mugs atbp in collaboration with Ruben Totet De Jesus; illustrations of Philippine cultural traditions.


Ambie Aba帽o’s print.


Lisa Ito-Tapang’s cat print.


Poeleen Alvarez’ Tropical Depression II: Raging On.


Rogelio Espiritu’s Gayuma, Jerome San Jose’s Orange, and Lea Jadia’s Durian.


Julie Verano’s lamps, holders, and diffusers.


Toym Imao’s Kriss Kross sculpture.


Paul Albert Quia帽o’s rendition of UP Oblation sculpture.


ArtGifts 2023 runs from December 6 to December 20, 2023, at Gallery One, UP Fine Arts Gallery. For the catalog, you can download it at , send a message to cfagallery.upd@up.edu.ph, visit , or check .