Angelo Azura Jimenez has the distinction of being the first UP Student Regent to be elected UP President and the first Mindanaoan to hold the position. He brings to the table a lived understanding of sectoral representation and the hope and the pride of the people of Mindanao. Having worked in government, he has […]

  鈥淚 was already set on early retirement. I took a week to decide.鈥 Dr. Leo De Paz Cubillan narrated how he became UP鈥檚 new Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA). That week was one of contemplation for the ophthalmologist who wanted to see things more clearly. After studying how he could contribute to UP, […]

  So what made you come back to UP? 鈥淚鈥檝e been asking myself that question for the past month,鈥 lightly answered Ms. Iryn Y. Balmores, the newly appointed UP Vice President for Planning and Finance (VPPF). First, what actually happened: With his official takeover of the UP Presidency in February 2023, Atty. Angelo Jimenez tapped […]

  鈥淚鈥檓 Nestor Yunque, the present Vice President for Administration. I started as VP for Administration way back in 2017.聽 And now, under the new UP President, I鈥檓 continuing to help stabilize everything.鈥 As a professor who taught zoology, marine biology, and environmental science courses at the 91视频 Visayas (UPV) College of […]

  He looked around the College of Engineering Faculty Lounge, trying to recall what the room had been before. And while he could not immediately remember, Ferdinand Jesus 鈥淏oyet鈥 Aquino Pecson knew he was home. The new UP Vice President for Development earned his BS Mechanical Engineering and PhD in Energy Engineering degrees from UP […]

  If you happen to visit Art Circle Caf茅 in the UP Diliman campus, odds are you might see a bespectacled man enjoying a cup coffee and a meal. Don鈥檛 be surprised if this person turns out to be Professor Wendell Capili as that caf茅 happens to be his favorite spot in the campus. Yet […]

  鈥淲e better assume a new role, aside from the traditional role鈥. This time, we should also provide legal assistance to those who engage the communities.鈥 – Acosta   Atty. Abraham Rey M. Acosta, UP鈥檚 Vice President for Legal Affairs, envisions his office to serve a more dynamic role during the Presidency of Atty. Angelo […]

  At the end of the interview, Atty. Roberto M. Lara, Secretary of the University and of the Board of Regents (OSU), announced: 鈥淎ko ang pinaka-gwapong naging Secretary ng UP.鈥 After a beat of silence, he reconsidered what he had said, 鈥淪abagay, patay na yata lahat ng naging lalaking Secretary of the University, ano?鈥 Thus, […]

鈥淒igital transformation is really about changing the way we educate our students.鈥 – Lallana   Not everyone can make the jump from teaching political science to advocating the use of information technology for better governance and education. But Dr. Emmanuel C. Lallana has certainly proven that he can. 鈥淚 am a political scientist who knows […]

  To the UP community, the name Jose “Pepe” Alcantara is up there in the annals of the brave as one of the UP student-activists who opposed martial law. Now, coming back to UP, not as a student leader but as Executive Vice President (EVP) in President Angelo Jimenez’ administrative team, Jose Fernando Tagum Alcantara […]